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    rate: 75I think 'bicycle is going to be a person's power' and if you use it as an auxiliary, it

    Delivery is not fast, it is not very slow, but it is slow. I am glad that the goods come with good products ... It is very easy to fit with the bike and the specifications, but the manual is poor and the first person should wander. I bought it because I did not have the original brake sensor and pace device. It is a complete set with LCD panel ... ㅋ The brake sensor is not working if the magnet is close enough to the end and works when the magnet goes away. PAS is easy to mount without having to remove crankshaft. Place a disk with a lot of discs like a disk on the crankshaft, fix it by holding a circular wire for fixing, and place it near enough to attach and fix the Fass sensor. Fix it to the frame with a cable tie. I heard that there was a noise when I did not turn on the power, but when I found out that the brake part was very lightly touching, I heard that there was a sound coming from there ... So I changed the brake and replaced it again. Noise was lost ... The speed can be adjusted to 3 levels with the smartphone as explained (It is the most uncomfortable ... that you should adjust it by connecting the smart phone ...) In the mood of ~ to drink slowly, the danggyi mode, the second stage is not careful about safety and light enough to carry around, the third stage pedal quality Haejumyeon flying around ... It's all based on the plains of zing. The hill needs to pedal a lot ... The battery capacity problem is not going to go far yet, so it should be judged by a day on the weekend. The conclusion is that if you use a scooter and bicycle from a scooter, I think that it is pretty good when people who use it for more than 70 ~ 80% towards the purchase ...

    Jun 01, 2018
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    rate: 50It's just a joke. It's bad that the battery latch is broken.

    The latch is broken when the battery is removed. The structure is easily broken, so the battery is a problem. I am worried that the battery will fall off during operation.

    Mar 31, 2018
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    rate: 50I'm wondering if the battery is too old to be genuine.

    That's right, the battery capacity is going to be 25km. I think I can not get 5km. I stopped working. Really awkward genuine battery fit

    Mar 27, 2018
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