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    Maihada's range of products aren't new in Kosé's line. It had been in the market for some time. In actual, it was the first range of skin care products launched with the formulation of “Rice Power No.11™”, then follow on was the Moisture Skin Repair. MSR was discontinued last year and been replaced by ONE by Kosé's (Moisture Rice Power™)Hydration Boosting Serum. It was quite a hit in the beauty market as the serum was so hydrating and it gained recognition of it's formula - Rice Power No.11™. Since the launched of “ONE by Kosé's” Hydration Boosting Serum, I had been using the serum like a holy grail. As time passes by, I did noticed the effects of the serum. It refined my skin's texture, minimizes those fine lines (under eyes and smile line), and most if all, it treated skin with plenty of moisture. Since then, I began to ventured into more ranges of Kosé's products with the mighty “Rice Power No.11™” and I also into using the Infinity's Advance Moisture Concentrate's range of products. It was excellent and worth the investment. So I been using both the ONE by Kosé's Hydration Boosting Serum and the Infinity's Advance Moisture Concentrate range on alternate nights. But I find with just using the ONE by Kosé's Hydration Boosting Serum alone, certain times it was not enough hydrating, especially when at night sleeping in air conditioning room and day staying indoor in office with air conditioning environment as well. I find my skin at times tends to lost moisture and it would be “flaky”. That's why I decided to purchased this Kosé's Maihada Hadjyun Cream to pair with my ONE by Kosé's Hydration Boosting Serum, as both products has the signature key ingredient - Rice Power No.11™. It's an excellent skin moisturizer, non fragrance, no scented, non oily, non sticky or greasy. I love the sensation when applied onto skin, it just melts and seems like skin is “drinking” it into deep down the epidermis layers with a soft comfortable wrap of moisture. And the texture is not those ordinary creams, it's more to a serum cream type. If you had tried the Infinity's Advance Moisture Concentrate Serum, it's the same consistency, it looks like a cream, but it's a serum cream that once it applied onto skin, it just melted like a serum. That is why is not mend to apply thickly, just a thin veil or as per individuals skin's need. And it quickly absorbed by skin leaving non sticky, oily or greasy feel. Overall, honest confession, thou it's quite pricy for a 40gm's packing, but I feel it's a worth of an investment and it should be able to last for several months usage (depending on individual's way of using). You can't compared it with example, the Sekkisei range's Herbal Gel or Cream. That is just a basic essential cream. And this review, I remarks it based on my personal skin type, my skin's need and my preference of choosing Kosé instead of other “gigantic - established brands” like Shiseido, SK II or Kanebo. It's really a personal choice of preference and I had been using Kosé's products more than 15 years, and Kosé's products had never fail my skin. Lastly, I believe a good complexion is by selecting a suitable choice based on individuals preference of product lines or a certain brands and stay with it. And a healthy skin is the key of “infiniate” beauty that last thru time but not covering up with tons of makeup products.

    Oct 10, 2018
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