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    rate: 100I got an electric bicycle.

    It's up to 35km away. It's messy. The battery lasts a long time. I'll upload it.

    Oct 09, 2019
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    rate: 100Good product received. Thank you!

    Good product has been assembled safely! I was surprised that it weighed more than I thought. It's faster and better than the bike I used before. Thank you for sending good goods. Good ride!

    Sep 29, 2019
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    rate: 100I really recommend it. Live twice.

    I ordered on the 8th and came to Korea on the 10th. The delivery is very fast, but it's tied for 10 days at the customs clearance. Delivery took a total of 12 days ---- I rode about a week but less pros and cons ---- User: 180cm / 90Kg Male / Seoul / 48V 500w 18A model purchase ---- Disadvantages:- -It's very heavy. The 18A model has a net weight of 21.5KG, but when I put the battery in, I felt about 30 kilos ---- and it was a little hard to lift the frame because of the wires. It's too heavy to go up and down stairs in my body. So now I'm taking out the battery and taking it down. (Battery weight 4KG) ---- If you have a lot of stairs to climb the bike, it would not be suitable .---- Disadvantage 2: Low-priced bike ---- If you buy the battery and motor, the bike is free It's a model. When I received it at the beginning, the disc brake was not aligned. ---- If you turn the wheel to reach the disc brake, you will hear a beeping sound. Please go to the shop and check the rim alignment, check the disc, etc. ---- Personally, I recommend replacing the brake with another product ( It's worth it.) Advantages: Almost everything except weight .. Originally, I was a road biker. I used to commute to work. I'm not going to use ---- electric kickboard / motorcycle / electric bike was picking out. ---- I used a kick kicking service as a service called kicking .... The limits were clear. ---- Dangerous, the wheels are so small that I feel a lot of vibration, the wrist ankle is very tired ---- Due to domestic conditions, there is a lot of work to go up the sidewalk. So I looked at the motorcycles ... Liability insurance is over 300,000 won every year ... even if the price of oil, the problem of electric bikes price ... ---- After looking at the electric bike, I bought this model. -The testimonials are really out of weight. The speed limit is applied, but after reviewing and solving it .. ---- At first, I went to PAS mode in two stages, but nowadays I just throttle and pull up to 40 off the road. ---- It's dangerous to go up to 50, so it's safe to go around 30 ---- And it's really easy to go to Seoul because there is a show bar like MTB. In Korea, MTB is great ㅎㅎ ---- I went to commuting for 1 hour by 60 KM round trip ---- I ran 55KM in PAS 3 stages and throttled the remaining 10KM. Came out ---- PAS3 stage, 30% of the battery is left ---- due to the characteristics of the battery can not be measured accurately ---- If you run a regular PAS stage 2 I expect to go up to 100KM --- -It's just a motorcycle in Seoul. I can go to Han River ㅎ ㅎㅎㅎ ---- I am really satisfied with this price. It's the middle of a motorcycle and a bike. Even though it was a windy day, I arrived at work quite quickly!

    Sep 26, 2019
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