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    rate: 75Think of the caustic rain. It is not too bad to come out at this price.

    It looks good because it looks good, and it looks perfect at a glance. Both mouse and keyboard. But I see from the point of disadvantage first. If you still think about the price, it is a bad choice. It is lower than other low price sets. Let's think about the price, the price ... Of course, there are so many low price products in Korea. Various products in various colors. The price range is also very diverse, and the price of a keyboard mouse set of this type of design seems to be at least over 30,000 won. Purchase site link Actual purchase price: 23 USD - 2.3 USD = 20.70 x 1,186 = about 24550 won. Advantages: 1. Good design and sturdy construction. 2. Built-in battery by USB charging method. 3. Easy to use. 4. Affordable price. 5. Not a bad feeling. Cons: 1. Suspected mouse durability. 2. Uncluttered mouse click feeling. 3. Quiet, not silent clicks and keystroke noises. 4. It's really a mechanical feeling. 1. Opening machine and ... Courier arrival: June 1 order -> June 11 arrival. It takes 11 days in total. This guy came aboard. I chose free courier service. This guy came packing. Probably because it is a long product, it is likely that it is likely to be broken more than other products ... I wrapped it around with a tape. If you buy a product like the one you see in Korea (as you can see in the advertisement), you have a lot of It seems. It belongs there. A few years ago I was worried about Chinese products. So much so ... There are a lot of deceptive products on the fake. However, the products that come into the shopping mall are shaped like the ones that go through verification! I am doing business properly .... The product packaging is not bad either. Is not it pretty in the design? I can say that I bought a product in Korea. But nowadays most of them are fastballs? The price will be expensive if you go through the hands of the importer. I usually get about 30percent of margins to eat, so I can import them. The product looks pretty nervous. If you just touch it, it feels solid. Maybe it's because of the weight. I also like the metal-treated point between the key and the plate. I love the keyboard, but I have doubts about the durability and robustness of the mouse. I feel like I made a day with care about design. I also liked this because the mouse keyboard is a built-in rechargeable battery. I think it's a little cumbersome to change batteries like other products. This product is designed to turn on the LED, but there is no such thing at all. Let's not hope for 2,000 won.

    Jun 11, 2019
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