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    广东 深圳市 福田区 *****

    Guangdong Shenzhen Futian *****

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    广东 深圳市 福田区 燕南路9号

    Guangdong Shenzhen Futian Yannanlu Road #09




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  • E-mail is always availaable and more recommended.


EX) Q1. I've put items in cart. Later, I tried to order but I couldn't because they say it's sold out. Why is it for?


EX) Q2. Can I order by telephone or e-mail?


EX) Q3. What am I supposed to do if item doesn't arrive?



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    • - ex1) over 3days from receiving item
    • - ex2) if items are open/used or damaged
    • - ex3) sending item without prior contact