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[LG] 75UM7570 PUD - 75 4K Smart UHD TV w/ AI ThinQ
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[LG] 75UM7570 PUD - 75 4K Smart UHD TV w/ AI ThinQ

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Subject Register Date
★ Order cancellation + shipping date information Seller Sep 20, 2018
★ Delivery tracking is possible only after clearance is completed ★ Seller Dec 26, 2017
Please be sure to enter the customs clearance number ★! ★ The only error in the text guide Seller Jun 18, 2019
Place of origin
Condition New Product
Shipping From Domestic (United States)
Payment Method VISA, MasterCard, PayPal, Q·account
After sales service Please contact seller or manufacturer service center.
Return/Exchange Need to return item to seller's address by using post office or other shipping service.
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Highly Recommend Oct 01, 2019 msd*** (KR KR)
Highly Recommend Sep 30, 2019 kd2*** (KR KR)
Highly Recommend Sep 30, 2019 eve*** (KR KR)
Highly Recommend Sep 30, 2019 won*** (KR KR)
Highly Recommend Sep 19, 2019 akw*** (KR KR)
Highly Recommend Sep 10, 2019 jeo*** (KR KR)
Netural Sep 06, 2019 kdw*** (KR KR)
Highly Recommend Aug 31, 2019 rcm*** (KR KR)
Highly Recommend Aug 16, 2019 yam*** (KR KR)
Highly Recommend Jul 03, 2019 str*** (KR KR)
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    ★ Order cancellation + shipping date information

    After you place your order,
    As soon as the order details are confirmed, we are ready for the goods issue.

    In case of non-stock items:
    If the item is in stock: If the order is confirmed, the shipping preparation process will proceed

    Basically, if you order your inventory, you will not be able to cancel after order completion.

    (Stock items ▶▶▶ Kirkland Minoxidil / Dyson Cleaner / Brava / Ed Billy Quigel)

    ※ If you can cancel your order
    1. For orders placed on the same day, it can be canceled from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm (excluding weekends) in Korea.
    2. In the case of payment completion (pre-shipping), you can cancel it yourself.

    ※ When ordering on weekdays: Orders can be canceled within 6 pm on the day of order
    ※ When ordering on weekends: Cancel order within 6:00 pm on Mondays

    ※ If you cancel your order by remorse after being shipped
    20% of the payment amount (custom
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    ★ Delivery tracking is possible only after clearance is completed ★

    Tracking is available after Korean customs clearance.

    When you arrive in Korea and the customs clearance is done, you will be able to trace it from then on to the domestic courier company.

    If you can not track, please wait a bit.
    After issuing the invoice number, I tracked the delivery,
    Sometimes I ask if it's a ghost invoice number.
    never !!! It is not a ghost invoice number.

    ★ After delivery, you need to complete the customs clearance. ★

    - Start with invoice number 4: Korea Express
    - Starting with Invoice No. 3: Busted Toss / (China Commodity is Korea Express)
    - Start with Invoice No. 6: Postal Courier or Lotte Courier


    In addition, please inquire directly with the courier for tracking domestic delivery after customs clearance.

    Thank you.
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    Please be sure to enter the customs clearance number ★! ★ The only error in the text guide

    The customs clearance procedure is customs clearance for the name of the recipient (name of recipient).
    ★ When entering the personal number, please be sure to enter the personal number of the recipient's personal clearance ★

    If it is not the recipient's personal clearance code, the customs clearance will be delayed.

    exactly!!! Please enter the personal identification of the recipient.
    Personal clearance Unique code issuance is available on the following page.

    Personal inconvenience information will be notified one time on the mobile phone of the recipient's name.
    We will notify you of your personal clearance unique code modification URL by letter,
    If you have received the text, please make sure to correct it quickly.
    (Can not change name of recipient ▶ If you want to change the name of recipient 1: 1 contact)

    (KakaoTalk can not
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    ★ If it exceeds 60 days of arrival date, it is targeted for disposal ★

    According to customs law, the maximum period of stay is 60 days.
    If customs clearance is not made within 60 days of arrival, it is subject to penalty and disposal.
    Fines cost far beyond commodity prices, so most choose to destroy them.

    The penalty fee is 100,000 won, even if you pay the penalty
    It is very likely that customs will not handle customs clearance.
    It is recommended to proceed with disposal if possible.

    If you wish to do so, you must complete a disposition agreement.
    If you would like to discard, please leave a 1: 1 inquiry and we will inform you of the disposal agreement and payment of disposal fee.

    In addition, if customs clearance is not possible after 60 days has passed, the seller will forcibly complete the delivery.
    The complaint on this point is polite.

    Thank you.

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    Foreigners residing in Korea
    Recipient name! In other words, please enter your passport name in the receiver name field.
    Foreigners are required to enter the name in Korean.
    You must enter your name in English in your passport so that you can clear it.

    If you enter your name in Korean, you need to change the name of the recipient
    For faster customs clearance, please include your passport in English.

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    ★ Guide to change the name of the recipient

    Hello Tail List.
    From December 1, 2016, the recipient! If you need to change your name
    You must complete and submit to the KCS a statement of the name change.

    Please fill out the following documents and leave them in the Inquiry (Secret Check).

    ◈ Reason for Application for Correction of Consignee ◈
    Change Reason & Before Change Name + Personal Clearance Number & Name After Change + Personal Clearance Number & Delivery Number of Shipment & Handwritten Signature

    ◈ Order History ◈
    Captured purchase captures of the purchase history and are all seen to capture!
    If you do not appear on the Hanwha website, you can capture it separately.

    ◈ Payment Information Details ◈
    1. Account Transfer: Capture all of your name / account number / transfer amount
    2. Payment by credit card: The name of th
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    ★ Please fill in your name and address in Korean at the time of payment. ★

    Please write your name and address in Korean when you checkout.
    The customs clearance of the recipient must match the personal identification number of the recipient.
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    When I receive a payment request for customs clearance

    If you have a large amount of customs, we will ask you for payment materials for customs at random. We will guide you through the delivery of payment data at the customs office, and we will inform you of the contents received from the customs office. Sometimes it is not a fraud, why are you asking me to hand over this data? We also deliver the contents of the customs, but if you do not send the payment data, the customs clearance and receipt will not be done. Please make sure that we provide you with a note and a letter to tell us that you need to deliver it to us for fast customs clearance / fast TV reception.
  • FAQ

    Inquiry about TV clearance

    ▶ Customs clearance: https://unipass.customs.go.kr/csp/index.do You can check the progress of customs clearance on the Customs Service website with the number of the waybill issued from this site. You can find out how to search through Internet Search. Customs inquiries can be made within 3 to 5 days after shipment from the US (may be delayed depending on the condition of the airplane shipment)
  • FAQ

    Inquiry about TV Shipment Tracking

    TV will not be able to track domestic shipments even if the invoice number is issued. Unlike ordinary small cargo, it is treated as a large cargo. When the customs clearance is completed after entering the country, the TV will be taken over to the domestic TV installation company immediately. After taking over the TV, after completing the area classification, the installer of the area will call for confirmation of the additional installation for the desired installation date and wall hanging. If you would like to call the article, hope you can install it on your preferred date.
  • FAQ

    Inquiry about address change after shipment

    (Please specify the date you made) + Name (handwritten signature) + Handwritten signature: * Please make sure to include your own signature. Thank you for your attachment.
  • FAQ

    Inquiry about initial failure and AS

    The initial failure (damage during delivery / liquid crystal problem after installation) can be returned free of charge seven days after installation date. LG TV is available free of charge for 1 year based on the date of arrival at the LG Electronics Service Center. After that, you can pay AS. Please call the LG Customer Service Center (1544-7777) and give us details about the case. If the defect is confirmed after the confirmation by the knighthood, exchange or refund is possible. If it is not defective, it can not be exchanged. If the defect is bad, please write the bad judgment. If you have a bad judgment, please take a picture of the judgment and send it to here.
  • FAQ

    Inquiries about picture quality

    I have installed a TV, but sometimes the picture quality is not enough. Please check if your home set-top box is UHD-compatible. If not compatible, the picture quality may be degraded.
  • FAQ

    Inquiries about TV power and consumption ratings

    The United States has no rating and is an energy star product like Korean standard. In addition, it can be used directly as pig nose with free bolt.
  • FAQ

    Contact UHD, terrestrial broadcasting

    As you can see on the internet, the actual users can watch the TV in any way (IPTV, cable, coaxial cable, etc.) and the possibility of voice recognition or UHD broadcasting can be changed. Most users who use IPTV know that voice recognition is good. You can use YouTube or Netflix. For more information, please contact your local TV provider or the LG Electronics Customer Center (1544-7777).
  • FAQ

    Contact us about local changes

    It is necessary to watch with domestic antenna line, but it can not be done after local change.
  • FAQ

    TV inquiry about country of manufacture

    The majority of TVs are manufactured in Mexico.
  • Answered
    South Korea opt******* 2019-09-30
    Private Enquiry
    taillist 2019-10-01
  • Answered
    South Korea cvj******* 2019-09-30
    Hello, customer.
    Wall installation is a part of Happy Call consultation.
    Before the TV is shipped to the domestic installation company
    Happy call to confirm the installation date.
    At that time, the wall hangings will be installed together.

    We will guide you to basic wall installation and additional installation.
    The costs below are subject to change.

    Bracket + construction costs (including trimming and molding)
    Basic type under 65 inches (set-top, router can not be hidden) 90,000 won
    Premier Edition
    Manufacturer Genuine Bracket 150,000 원
    -Construction cost with bracket
    Construction cost of less than 65 inches 50,000 won
    70 ~ 75 inches: Large genuine bracket 180,000 won
    Set-top box / router hidden $ 1 each
    Special Wall (Marble, Tile, Art Wall, etc.) 20,000 won
    Hidden Line Hidden 50,000 won
    Thank you.

    taillist 2019-09-30
  • Answered
    South Korea ber******* 2019-09-18
    Hello, customer
    If there is no special matter, it will be carried out and customs clearance will proceed.
    After customs clearance, transfer to the shipping company and schedule adjustment
    Happy call is coming. Please arrange the delivery schedule.
    (The happy call time may vary depending on the volume of each region.)
    Basic installation fee is free
    taillist 2019-09-18
  • Answered
    South Korea msd******* 2019-09-09
    Private Enquiry
    taillist 2019-09-09
    Private Enquiry
    Private Enquiry
    Private Enquiry
    Private Enquiry
    Private Enquiry
  • Answered
    South Korea pro******* 2019-09-05
    Hello, customer
    Stand type installation is carried out as basic type
    Please coordinate with your engineer to install the wall hangings during the happy call.
    Incur additional costs
    Thank you
    taillist 2019-09-06
  • Answered
    South Korea a19******* 2019-09-04
    Hello, customer
    This product has been shipped and is currently being prepared for delivery to Korea.
    If there is no special matter, it will be carried out and customs clearance will proceed.
    After customs clearance, transfer to the shipping company and schedule adjustment
    Happy call is coming. Please arrange the delivery schedule.
    (The happy call time may vary depending on the volume of each region.)
    taillist 2019-09-04
  • Answered
    South Korea ild******* 2019-08-27
    Private Enquiry
    taillist 2019-08-28
  • Answered
    South Korea lhj******* 2019-08-25
    Hello, customer
    In case of TV products, if there is no special matter after the shipment, customs clearance will be proceeded at the same time
    After customs clearance, transfer to the shipping company and schedule adjustment
    Happy call is coming out. At this time, please coordinate with the company.
    Please understand that we cannot expect
    It may be slightly different depending on the model, but think about 2 ~ 3 weeks (until receipt)
    Please keep in mind that it can be stored for free for one month.
    taillist 2019-08-26
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