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 [LG] 75SM9070 PUA - 75 Class 4K Smart UHD Nanocell TV w/ AI ThinQ

LG Electronics [LG] 75SM9070 PUA - 75 Class 4K Smart UHD Nanocell TV w/ AI ThinQ

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Subject Register Date
Order cancellation / return / shipment expected date guidance Seller Sep 20, 2018
★ Shipment tracking is only possible after clearance is complete ★ Seller Nov 11, 2019
Please be sure to enter the customs clearance number ★! ★ The only error in the text guide Seller Jun 18, 2019
Place of origin
LG Electronics Condition New Product
Shipping From Domestic (United States)
After sales service Please contact seller or manufacturer service center.
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Highly Recommend Nov 05, 2019 ezs*** (KR KR)
Highly Recommend Dec 06, 2019 ysk*** (KR KR)
Highly Recommend Dec 03, 2019 kka*** (KR KR)
Highly Recommend Dec 03, 2019 dbs*** (KR KR)
Highly Recommend Dec 02, 2019 val*** (KR KR)
Highly Recommend Dec 02, 2019 min*** (KR KR)
Highly Recommend Nov 29, 2019 ckl*** (KR KR)
Highly Recommend Nov 25, 2019 ilo*** (KR KR)
Recommend Nov 16, 2019 eve*** (KR KR)
Highly Recommend Nov 15, 2019 dan*** (KR KR)
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  • Notice

    Order cancellation / return / shipment expected date guidance

    Our tail list is your order after
    Once your order has been confirmed, you will be ready to ship.

    B For non-stocked goods: Proceed to purchase goods overseas
    For stock-in-stock items: Proceed with the shipping preparation as soon as the order is confirmed

    ■ Stock Products ▶▶▶ Kirkland Minoxidil / Dyson Cleaner / Brava / Edville Liquid Gel

    ■ If you can cancel your order
    1.Cancellation on orders placed on the day can be canceled from 9 am to 6 pm (excluding weekends) in Korea
    2. In case of payment completion (pre-shipment stage), customers can cancel directly

    ※ If ordering on weekdays: Orders can be canceled within 6pm on the day of order
    ※ For weekend orders: Orders can be canceled within 6pm on Mondays

    ■ If the order is canceled due to remorse after shipment
    Partial refunds will be made for all charges (duties and charges), which are 20% of the payment amount, and for intern
  • Notice

    ★ Shipment tracking is only possible after clearance is complete ★

    Delivery tracking can be tracked after customs clearance in Korea.
    Once you arrive in Korea and clear your customs, you can take over to the domestic courier company.
    ※ As TV is delivered by individual delivery / large freight delivery, tracking of delivery is not possible.

    Access-> Cargo Progress Information-> MB / L-Check HB / L-> Enter the waybill number in the field to the right-> Display

    If you can not track, please wait.
    After issuing the invoice number, the number is not available for tracking
    Sometimes you ask me if it's a ghost invoice number.
    never !!! Not a ghost invoice number

    ★ Customs clearance must be completed after arrival, so shipping inquiry is possible. ★

    -Start with Invoice No. 4: Korea Express
    -Invoice No. 3: Pan Han Pantos
    -Start with Invo
  • Notice

    Please be sure to enter the customs clearance number ★! ★ The only error in the text guide

    The customs clearance procedure is customs clearance for the name of the recipient (name of recipient).
    ★ When entering the personal number, please be sure to enter the personal number of the recipient's personal clearance ★

    If it is not the recipient's personal clearance code, the customs clearance will be delayed.

    exactly!!! Please enter the personal identification of the recipient.
    Personal clearance Unique code issuance is available on the following page.

    Personal inconvenience information will be notified one time on the mobile phone of the recipient's name.
    We will notify you of your personal clearance unique code modification URL by letter,
    If you have received the text, please make sure to correct it quickly.
    (Can not change name of recipient ▶ If you want to change the name of recipient 1: 1 contact)

    (KakaoTalk can not
  • Notice

    ★ If it exceeds 60 days of arrival date, it is targeted for disposal ★

    According to customs law, the maximum period of stay is 60 days.
    If customs clearance is not made within 60 days of arrival, it is subject to penalty and disposal.
    Fines cost far beyond commodity prices, so most choose to destroy them.

    The penalty fee is 100,000 won, even if you pay the penalty
    It is very likely that customs will not handle customs clearance.
    It is recommended to proceed with disposal if possible.

    If you wish to do so, you must complete a disposition agreement.
    If you would like to discard, please leave a 1: 1 inquiry and we will inform you of the disposal agreement and payment of disposal fee.

    In addition, if customs clearance is not possible after 60 days has passed, the seller will forcibly complete the delivery.
    The complaint on this point is polite.

    Thank you.

  • Notice

    If you are a foreigner and not a Korean citizen, please enter your English name on your passport.

    1. Foreigners living in Korea
    2.Non-Korean passport holder

    Please enter the recipient's name = recipient's name in English on your passport.
    Even if it is written in Korean name, foreigners must
    Customs can only be made with the English name on your passport.

    If you enter a Korean name, you need to change the recipient's name through a difficult document procedure.
    For quick customs clearance, all foreigners should write their name in their passport.
  • Notice

    [Name Change Document] Document Name of Recipient for Customs Submission

    If you need to change the recipient's name from December 1, 2016
    The reason for the change of name must be completed and submitted to the KCS.
    Please collect and forward the following documents.

    ▶▶ Reason for change
    Detailed reason for correction and name / individual customs unique code after change
    Please fill out the handwritten signature as required.


    ▶▶ Order Details
    Kyuten Order History Capture (My Shopping Info> Recent Orders> Order Capture>
    Must be stamped

    ▶▶ Card Payment History
    The name of the "cardholder" must be confirmed in the card payment history.
    It is usually written on the top of the homepage of the card company with the phrase "" Welcome to ~ "".
    Please take a screenshot to ch
  • Notice

    ★ Please fill in your name and address in Korean at the time of payment. ★

    Please write your name and address in Korean when you checkout.
    The customs clearance of the recipient must match the personal identification number of the recipient.
  • Unanswered
    South Korea mhc******* 2019-12-07
  • Answered
    South Korea kyo******* 2019-12-06

    Hello, customer
    This item is for 5 items
    After taking out the goods, you will be handed over to the delivery company.
    In the case of provinces, happy call related to delivery schedule will be held within a week.
    Please be aware that there may be some differences depending on the quantity of each province.
    taillist 2019-12-06
  • Answered
    South Korea plu******* 2019-12-05

    Hello, customer
    At the moment, the shipment of certain products is delayed considerably.
    if I made you uncomfortable, I'm sorry
    We will try our best to handle it as soon as possible in the local area.
    I will register your invoice later.
    taillist 2019-12-05
    Please do it well, please. I paid for pay as part of my account, but it's better than a card. I will leave it up to you

    Hello, customer
    In the case of the TV product line (regardless of model), a large amount is pushed from the customs express invoice.
    Even if you are forced to leave the US, it will take some time for the goods to be cleared.
    Please note that it is difficult to provide accurate schedule information as each model is released sequentially.
    We apologize to our customers for their patience
    We hope to be shipped as soon as possible in the local.
    Sorry for the inconvenience.
  • Answered
    South Korea don******* 2019-12-04
    Private Enquiry
    taillist 2019-12-05
  • Answered
    South Korea ora******* 2019-12-02
    Private Enquiry
    taillist 2019-12-02
    Private Enquiry
    Private Enquiry
  • Answered
    South Korea dbs******* 2019-11-29
    Private Enquiry
    taillist 2019-11-29
    Private Enquiry
    Private Enquiry
  • Answered
    South Korea dae******* 2019-11-28
    Private Enquiry
    taillist 2019-11-28
  • Answered
    South Korea dae******* 2019-11-27
    Private Enquiry
    taillist 2019-11-28
    Private Enquiry
    Private Enquiry
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