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[ Quick shipping ] color lens 1 day ACUVUE define moist 30 lenses * 4 box [ 120 lenses ]
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ACUVUE[ Quick shipping ] color lens 1 day ACUVUE define moist 30 lenses * 4 box [ 120 lenses ]

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Subject Register Date
About our shop holiday Seller May 17, 2019
Place of origin
Johnson & Johnson / アメリカ合衆国とアイルランド共和国 Condition New Product
Shipping From From Overseas (Japan)
After sales service Please contact seller or manufacturer service center.
UPCCode 888290403103
Brief Description 아큐브 디파인 원데이 모이스트
BOOKMARK 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
반품 교환 불가
제품은 해외에서 배송 분을 본점에서받을 수 없기 때문에 상품 교환 및 반품이 불가능한 상품입니다.
아무쪼록 잘 부탁드립니다.

★★★관세에 대해서★★★

본 상품은 일본에서 발송되고 있습니다.
해외에서 구매를 검토하고 계시는 구매자님께서는 도착국가의 관세법 상
관세가 발생될 수 있으므로 이점 충분한 이해와 사전에 관세청 사이트 등에서 확인을 부탁드립니다.
※저희 샵에서 모든 국가의 관세법을 파악하고 안내가 어려우며
이과 관련된 문제발생 시 실질적인 도움을 드릴 수가 없습니다.
참고로 대한민국의 관세법 상 통관 시 상품가격이 150달러(배송비 제외)일 경우
관세가 발생될 수 있다고 하며며, 관세발생 시 구매자님께서는 세관의 안내에 따라
직접 관세를 지불해주시면 정상적으로 상품 수취가 가능하십니다.

단순히 관세지불 거부로 상품이 반송될 경우, 일본에서 한국까지의 배송비를 제외 후, 환불되므로 주의바랍니다.

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Highly Recommend Nov 26, 2019 chi*** (US US)
Highly Recommend Sep 11, 2019 lov*** (US US)
Highly Recommend Aug 09, 2019 Mic*** (US US)
Highly Recommend Aug 03, 2019 keu*** (US US)
Highly Recommend Jul 14, 2019 mar*** (US US)
Highly Recommend Jul 11, 2019 ale*** (US US)
Highly Recommend Jun 21, 2019 znc*** (US US)
Highly Recommend Apr 27, 2019 coc*** (US US)
Highly Recommend Apr 16, 2019 HYO*** (US US)
Highly Recommend Mar 23, 2019 723*** (US US)
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  • Notice

    About our shop holiday

    Our shop is closed on Saturday, Sunday, and public holidays in Japan.
    Orders placed during a holiday will start on the next business day.

    Our shop is closed on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays in Japan.
    Orders received during holiday will be processed from the following day.
  • FAQ

    When can I get it?

    In our shop, we will let you enter the date of shipment of your baggage on weekdays and business days except Saturdays, Sundays and holidays in Japan. After 15 o'clock on weekdays, orders on weekends and holidays will be confirmed the next day will be shipped the next day, please understand. Qoo10 from our shop after shipment to the warehouse, the next day will be shipped to customers in the warehouse Qoo10. In the case of shipment to Korea, Qoo10 3 ~ 4 days after shipment from the warehouse will be delivered. Congestion at the airport may be delayed, please understand.
  • FAQ

    I paid less than $ 150, but I was instructed to pay the duty.

    The discount coupons issued by Qoo10 are irrelevant to our shop, so the customs declaration is made based on the system sales price of Qoo10. If customs clearance is received from the customs office, you should capture the actual payment made by Qoo10 directly and submit it to the observations. When you place an order in Korea, you will not be charged if the final payment is less than $ 150, except for overseas shipping. In our shop, it is difficult to understand and guide all countries' customs laws, and we can not provide practical help in case of problems related to this. Buyers who are considering purchasing from overseas are subject to customs duties on the country of destination.
  • Answered
    United States mi4******* 2019-09-19
    About your order
    Since Qoo10 is responsible for shipping, we can not confirm the information in our shop.
    We ask Qoo10 for investigation about baggage,
    It is still under investigation at the US Post Office, we have not come to see our.

    Qoo10 to contact the customer, we have been told.
    Please thank you.
    Lens-Deli 2019-09-19
    So I don't get it, whose responsibility is it? Who should I talk to?
    As for the shipment of the product, Qoo10 manages collectively. There is trouble, but can you contact Qoo10 in the future? Please treat me well.
    How do I contact Qten? If it doesn't work out this week, I'll sue you.
    Excuse me to contact you.

    I was asking you to contact the nearest post office in our shop and Qoo10, but could I get in touch?
    Your product in Qoo10 is better than the US Post Office
    There was a report that the luggage was returned because there was no contact.

    For the goods have been returned to Japan
    I'm sorry, but please try again
    Can you choose or review a full refund this time?

    Also, if you contact Qoo10 directly, it is at the following address.

    We apologize for any inconvenience this time.
    Please thank you.
  • Answered
    United States mi4******* 2019-09-10
    And I sent it from Japan but I can't figure out why it's coming back from Korea.
    Thank you for asking.

    Baggage slip number is listed in the order number slip.
    Since your inquiry is currently posted on the site,
    You cannot enter the document number here.
    Sorry to trouble you, but please check.

    This item is shipped from Japan to the United States.
    Because the delivery is Qoo10 warehouse,
    Sorry but please check with Qoo10 customer support for more information.

    Sorry for the care, thank you for your cooperation.
    Lens-Deli 2019-09-10
    Is this it?
    I only see this ... But it starts with kr in Japan-You talk to Japan over there ... What are you doing with me?
    Thank you for asking.
    We apologize for any inconvenience.

    Information that can be found in our shop is the same image received from our customers.
    The only shipping information given in our Qoo10.

    If you need shipping information in English
    You can do this by entering your document number here.

    "Order number starting with KR" is not our information.
    Order numbers are numbers only, document numbers start with EN.

    Since we do not know the number starting with KR,
    Sorry to trouble you, but please contact Qoo10 customer support.

    We apologize for any inconvenience.
    Please thank you.
  • Answered
    United States mi4******* 2019-09-06
    Thank you for asking.

    Qoo10 is responsible for shipping your cargo.
    Because we can not investigate in our
    We ask Qoo10 for investigation.
    As soon as the situation turns out, we will let you know as to contact the customer.

    Order refund is as soon as the product is returned to our shop.
    Because this is in charge of Qoo10, we confirm.

    In addition, I have you send the URL
    Qoo10.com will.
    Japan Qoo10 is different site, so thank you.

    I will wait to see you in Qoo10, thank you very much.
    Lens-Deli 2019-09-09
  • Answered
    United States mi4******* 2019-09-01
    Thank you for asking.

    Since we are doing Qoo10, we can not confirm the information in our shop.

    I will confirm in the document number, this time there is a sudden inspection at the airport, seems to have delayed delivery.
    The untimely test is a random selection of all luggage.

    Sorry, please contact Qoo10 for more information.

    Please thank you.
    Lens-Deli 2019-09-02
  • Answered
    United States aly******* 2019-04-30
    Private Enquiry
    Lens-Deli 2019-04-30
  • Answered
    United States coc******* 2019-04-21
    Thank you for your inquiry.

    About settlement Qoo10 does.
    Instead of receiving money directly into our shop, Qoo10 is acting on your behalf.

    Because Qoo10's settlement company is in Singapore,
    Debiting at the time of payment will be listed as Singapore.

    Products are shipped from Japan.

    Thank you very much.
    Lens-Deli 2019-04-22
  • Answered
    United States cka******* 2018-07-18
    Private Enquiry
    Lens-Deli 2018-07-19
  • Answered
    United States cka******* 2018-07-15
    What happens to the vivid style and natural shine shelf life?
    Thank you for asking. Depending on the color and frequency, the current use of our products, we have been since 2022. Thank you very much.
    Lens-Deli 2018-07-17
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