Qsafe Program

Qoo10 Program to make reliable and safe market to customer/seller

(*) Available only Qsafe member.

Basic Information

* Qsafe ID Check ID * Use letters, numbers or characters(. * _ -) at least 5 and at most 20.
* Password * Please write your password at least 6 letters and numbers.
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* Company Name * Biz license no.
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Additional Information

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*Required Documents

Please submit a copy of documented evidence to protect brand ownership from infringement seller.
You can upload below forms of file.(ex: PDF, JPEG, PNG, GIF) * max 10 copies

  • - Documented evidence(ex.Business License)
  • - Document which can identify you and your company (ex. proof of employment, legal representative)
  • - Document which can identify yourself. (ex. Identification card)
    - Registered information of the protected content that you claim or believe has been infringed.
* Documented evidence