You want to be a seller?

  • 01. Create Account
  • 02. Member Confirmation
  • 03. Seller Information
  • 04. Complete Registration

Seller Register

  • - If you are already Qoo10 member, by entering a few simple information, you can freely list and sell items on Qoo10.
  • - Qoo10 charges a service fee, included in payment processing, only when transactions completed.
  • - Qoo10 Sales Manager (QSM) helps you list items, check inventories and communicate with customers. It’s for free!
  • - Qoo10 provides various payment methods. (credit card, PayPal etc.)

Member Information

Member Type
Select type of member

- For individuals who buy and sell online.
- Merchants who use a company or group name should select company/organization

* Name     * Please type your real full name on NRIC or business name as it shown in the license.

(*) You will not be approved as a seller if you do not type your real name/business name on the required document.

* Sign-in ID Available
* Contact Information
※ You can change your email address on the ‘Edit Info’ page.

- -
You can use the sales support application "Live 10" by confirming mobile phone number that can install it.

- -

* Live10
(Shopping Messenger)
Live10 is very useful to check customer’s inquiry on mobile and you can answer immediately.
Also if customers have a question about your item, they can call you by [Click to Call] Service.
For more information about Live10, Click Here >>
  • 1. Please download Live10 and sign-in

    - You should sign-in to Live10 with the seller-registering account, do not create a new account at Live10.

  • 2. Click “Sign in with Qoo10 Account”, and sign-up the account which you intend to register as Qoo10 seller.

    - Before you sign-up, please confirm your mobile phone number above. (at Contact Information)

    View the guide by picture description >>
* Address (local language)

※ Entered address here will be registered as 5 types of address; [Representative], [Information], [Ship-from], [Item Return] and [Receipt].
It will be displayed in public on item page. Please, type in your local language and Roman alphabet.
You can edit your address and change the display setting on ‘QSM > Setting > My Information > Seller's information displayed to customer.’

For more information about addresses >>

* A country of the address must be same with a country of the mobile phone number.
Language 한국어

* Address (English)
Why is the English address also necessary?

* Sales staff name  Sales staff name will be displayed at the shop information section of Item page.
* Q∙cash Purchase

- Please charge Q·cash if you are willing to register as Qoo10 seller.(Cancellations or refunds ARE NOT allowed with Q·cash.)
- Please note that gifted Qcash from Qstore event will be cancelled if not used for 6 months.

Reference Link (Optional)

The homepage URL of your own shop, or your shop page URL in other shopping site, i.e. Amazon, ebay, Yahoo and etc.
This will be helpful for approval of your seller registration.