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Bidding Guide

Join Qoo10 and bid in auctions. After entering the bid and quantity on the auction item detail page, click the "Bid Now" It's simple and easy!

View Bidding Details & Cancel Bidding

When you want to view your bidding details or auction status, or if you want to cancel a bid you have placed, please access My Qoo10 > Recent Orders > Auction.

Bidding Tips

From Bid to Winning Bid

You can enter bids based on the bidding units. If the bidding unit is US$10, bids must be in multiples of 10, so US$111 is not possible, but US$110 is fine.

There is a limit on the highest bidding price. This is in order to ensure reasonable prices and prevent shill bidding.

The highest bid doesn't guarantee you the win!
The winner of a Random draw at closing type will be the bidder with the bid that is higher than and closest to the randomly selected winning price.
To increase your chances of winning, bid as many times as possible at the prices no one else has bid at yet.

Buy Now

Buy instant

You may purchase items immediately if the Buy Now option is available for the items. Click on the "Buy Now" button to go to the item details page, you can buy like normal items.

Auction Type

Normal Auction

Normal Auction draw

It will be awarded according to the bid price ranking.
If bid Qty is more than 2, only part of Qty may be awarded for winning bids.

Lucky Auction

There are two draw types for Lucky Auctions.

Random Draw at closing type

The closest bid price will be awarded, whichever is greater than the bid price randomly assigned through the system.

Example of selecting winner
- Bidder A bids US$82
- Bidder B bids US$86
- Bidder C bids US$95

If US$83 is set as the winning bid for the system, B, which bids US$86, becomes the winner.

Instant Draw type

Buyers place bids at fixed bidding price, and a winner will be drawn instantly by the computer system.